The Process of Getting Braces

You know you’ll need Braces in Coral Springs when your dentist refers you to an orthodontist after examining your mouth. Patients who have crooked teeth are usually advised to see an orthodontist to correct this problem.

You see, besides robbing you of an attractive smile, crooked teeth can put you at risk of oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease all because they are much harder to clean. If you are thinking about getting braces, it helps to know what to expect. Here, we will give you an overview of what to expect when getting braces.

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What is the Process of Getting Braces Coral Springs?


Before getting Braces in Coral Springs, your orthodontist will first examine your teeth. An X-ray may be ordered, but if you already have them, you can bring them with you during the consultation. This is your chance to ask as many questions as you want about your treatment options. Your orthodontist will also check your mouth for any conditions that need to be treated before the installment of your braces, such as tooth extraction or the need for antibiotics to treat gum infection.

Braces Placement

The placement of your Braces in Coral Springs is entirely painless. However, after the placement, you will experience discomfort and soreness as you adjust to the new appliance in your mouth. Bonding the individual brackets to your teeth and placing the wire will require more or less 2 hours. As soon as the brackets are cemented into place, a curing light will be applied to reinforce the adhesive. When your braces are finally in place, you will expect to go back for follow-up appointments so your orthodontist can adjust your braces. It usually requires an interval of 4 to 8 weeks.

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Do You Have More Questions About Braces in Coral Springs?

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