Are missing teeth affecting your daily life? With dental bridges, you will be able to smile confidently again. At Paramount Smile, we are committed to crafting a new smile you will love!

What are Bridges?

Dental bridges are composed of a replacement tooth (dental crown) to fill in the place of a missing tooth. The replacement tooth literally “bridges” the gap between two or more missing teeth. Bridges are typically made up of porcelain material, that is durable yet tooth-colored for a naturally beautiful smile.


There are many benefits of getting bridges, including:

  • Visually appealing smile

  • Replacement for missing teeth

  • Durable material

  • Matches the color of your natural teeth

Types of Bridges

Depending on the current location of missing teeth, we will determine which dental bridge is best for you. As always, we ensure your safety and comfort throughout the process.  


  • A replacement tooth is anchored in place with dental crowns

  • Brings together one or more false teeth


  • Dental crown replacement on one side of the mouth

  • Brings together one or more false teeth


  • Requires a metal framework that anchors the replacement tooth

  • Does not require cemented materials


  • Replacement tooth is secured by dental implants

  • Ideal for multiple missing teeth

Are You Looking for Bridges in Coral Springs?

We know that having a beautiful smile is important to you. Our team has state of the art technology and expertise to get you the smile you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to get started!

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