Dental Implants Coral Springs | Main Parts of a Dental Implant

Are you about to have your missing teeth replaced by dental implants Coral Springs? Perhaps you’re curious to know more about what a dental implant consists of to help you better understand the whole process of its placement. Have a look at the main parts of a dental implant:

Implant Body

The implant body is made up of a biocompatible material called titanium. Furthermore, the body of the dental implant is shaped like a screw to promote better integration into the bone. The oral surgeon inserts the dental implant body into the bone of the patient’s jaw where the missing tooth used to be.

Implant Abutment

The implant abutment is a peg tooth that’s fabricated in the laboratory before it can be screwed into the body of the implant. It can be customized into different shapes and sizes, depending on the dental implant’s location.

Implant Crown

The oral surgeon cements the implant crown into the implant abutment so that the patient can enjoy an implant that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.

Timelines Involved in the Placement of Dental Implants

In case you’re not aware, your oral surgeon operates within certain timelines for the placement of each of these three parts. For instance, the surgical portion involving the installation of the implant body can usually take about 2 to 3 months before it can completely heal. Sometimes, this can even take longer depending on the amount of bone that was made available at the implant site. As soon as complete healing is completed, the oral surgeon will create molds of your dental implants Coral Springs to make an impression of them. These molds will be sent to a dental laboratory to be used as the basis for the fabrication of your dental abutments and implant crowns.

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