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Have you ever wondered what causes bad breath? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to ask your dentist Coral Springs about the possible reasons behind your not-so-fresh breath. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who struggles with bad breath or halitosis. In fact, 50% of American adults have struggled with this problem at some point in their lives. In case you haven’t had a talk with your dentist Coral Springs yet, check out these common causes of halitosis:


The mouth contains many types of bacteria that can potentially cause bad breath because it presents an ideal environment for the bacteria to build up. Every time you eat, the food particles that cling to your teeth will attract these bacteria. As they feed on the food that was left in your mouth, they leave stinky waste products in their wake.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is critical in keeping your teeth healthy and your breath fine. When your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva, it becomes dry and starts to produce a foul smell. Dry mouth can also take place when a person constantly breathes through the mouth. Other reasons for dry mouth are the use of certain medications, breathing through the mouth, and issues that involve the salivary gland.


When you’re struggling with a not-so-fresh breath that won’t go away, your dentist Coral Springs will check for signs of advanced gum disease, that’s caused by plaque.

Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

Aside from the fact that smoking or chewing tobacco on a regular basis can stain your teeth, you’ll also develop bad breath. Tobacco can increase your risk for developing serious medical issues while your capacity to taste the food and your sense of smell is significantly affected.

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