Are you embarrassed to smile because you have missing teeth? With our denture service, there’s no need to worry. At Paramount Smile, we are dedicated to getting you a beautiful smile you will love.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable mouth pieces with prosthetic teeth attached. They are a great replacement for individuals who have missing teeth. You can opt for a full denture that replaces several missing teeth. Depending on your condition, a partial denture may be needed if you are missing one or two teeth.


There are plenty of benefits associated with getting dentures such as:

  • Naturally beautiful smile

  • Durable replacement for missing teeth

  • Removable for your convenience

How Does the Denture Process Work?

After a thorough evaluation, we will determine if dentures are the best treatment option for you. Images and impressions of your teeth will be taken in order to create dentures that fit your mouth comfortably. After your finalized dentures arrive at our office, a high-quality dental glue is applied to the inside of your mouth. The denture is secured, and you can smile confidently again!

Why Choose Paramount Smile to Get Dentures in Coral Springs?

We Care for You


Your time, oral health, and overall satisfaction matter to us the most. Our efficient, safe, and clean equipment allows us to fabricate dentures, work repairs and relines, all in a single day. FromInvisalign to whitening to straightening, we offer a range of quality orthodontic and cosmetic services all under one roof in Coral Springs.


Honest Pricing


Ahead of your treatment, we transparently inform you up-front of the cost involved without any hidden charges. We have very reasonable fees, and we offer a variety of in-office payment options based on your budget. We also have different insurance plans and dental financing with credit to help you smile the best possible way we can.


Easy to Reach


We understand the importance of time, and we value yours. We are available six days a week. Appointment Booking with us is quick, and we have appointment reminders in place. Our compassionate and expert staff members can promptly resolve your dental emergencies. Reach us over the phone, email, or in-person in Coral Springs for any questions anytime.


Same-Day Services


We take your denture-impressions with 3D X-ray early in the morning, get your extractions done in the day, and you will get your dentures before the day ends. Using these temporary dentures, you can instantly switch from softer foods to eating the food of your choice. You get your final denture after six months, which instantly locks into place to restore your precious smile for years to come.


Customized Services for You


At Paramount Smiles, you are more than a patient, and we are a bunch of compassionate folks who care for your oral health as much as you do. Our services are customized as per the requirement of each patient. We give you our undivided attention to ensure you are smiling and satisfied.

Why Do You Need Dentures?

To Have a Healthy Jaw


A jawbone usually shrinks after tooth loss. But dental implants or dentures avoid that from happening as they stimulate the jawbone just like the roots of a natural tooth. Dentures keep your jaws healthy and keep your smile intact.


To Feel Comfortable


Your natural teeth tend to shift a little once you lose a tooth. But dentures help you avoid shifting of the teeth and save you from the discomfort caused.Dentures are comfortable, and the best part is that you do not need any adhesive to keep dentures in place in your mouth.


To Avoid Getting Toothaches


In many cases, a toothache could mean the decay has reached your nerve, causing you severe discomfort. A root canal may fix the issue, but if the tooth decay is beyond repair, a denture is your only option to get rid of the toothache.


To Eat Food Comfortably


If you find it difficult to eat certain foods because of gum disease, cavities, or missing teeth, getting a denture set can provide you the relief you need. With the dentures on, you will be able to enjoy and relish all kinds of food comfortably.

Types of Dentures

Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are artificial replacement teeth usually attached to a gum-colored or pink plastic base. They are designed as per your needs to fill some of the missing teeth in your mouth. These dentures may have precision attachments, natural-looking clasps, or metal frames to connect to your teeth.


Immediate Dentures


These dentures are designed to be immediately inserted into a patient’s mouth after a complete extraction of their teeth. It allows the patients to begin eating and learning to speak with the new teeth immediately. These dentures help in reducing initial swelling after the extraction procedure.


Custom Dentures


Custom dentures, also called “partials,” are removable, customized replacement teeth.They fit perfectly with your jaw, feel, and function like natural teeth. These dentures can be a full set of teeth or a partial set depending on your individual needs.


Traditional Dentures


If a patient has lost all their teeth, traditional dentures are used to give them a full functionality associated with speaking and eating. These dentures are carefully fitted using the total surface area of the patient's mouth to restore their smile. These dentures use a brace attached to the jawbone and gum tissue to stay entirely in place.

Signs You Might Need Dentures

When Your Gums are Swollen


Gum inflammation usually leads to red, tender, swollen, or bleeding gums. These symptoms could be signs of gingivitis or other severe periodontal ailments.Although these are correctable issues, if they are not addressed in time, they can cause significant tooth loss. In most cases, dentures can save your teeth from further damage.


Gaps Between Your Teeth


Hidden gum disease causes bone loss that leads to gaps between your teeth. These gaps tend to grow wider with time if nothing is done about them. Dentures can prevent these gaps from widening.


When You Regularly Get a Toothache


When you face tooth decay issues frequently, decay might have reached the tooth nerve.An early diagnosis can determine if teeth can be saved, removed, or if dentures, full or partial, are needed to offer the patient the required aesthetic and functionality.


Missing Teeth


When you lose a couple of teeth due to any reason, dentures are your best bet to save and keep your remaining teeth in a healthy condition. It is because the remaining teeth take a lot of pressure to compensate for the missing teeth.Without dentures, there is a higher chance of losing more teeth.


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