What Should I Ask My Endodontist Before a Root Canal Treatment?

When should you see an Endodontist in Coral Springs? Your general dentist will refer you to an endodontist if you are experiencing pain or a history of tooth injury that could damage your roots or pulp. Although general dentists can perform root canal therapy, most patients prefer to see endodontists because they received extensive training and additional education, making them more proficient at performing root canal therapy. 

On average, general dentists perform two root canal treatments in a week while an endodontist does 25. Their experience has honed their skills in delivering smooth and successful root canals. If you are scheduled for a root canal therapy, you can ask the following questions to help you prepare before the big day. 

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Questions to Ask Your Endodontist Before Root Canal Treatment

How Many Visits Do I Need for a Root Canal?

Your Endodontist in Coral Springs will inform you that a root canal treatment only requires a single visit from the get-go. However, you’ll be asked to go back for another appointment to complete the procedure. A temporary filling will be placed over your tooth during the first session to protect it until the root canal therapy is finished. 

What Must I Do If I Experience Pain After The Treatment?

Minimal pain and discomfort are expected after root canal therapy. Your Endodontist in Coral Springs will develop a pain management plan for the first couple of days after the treatment where the pain is normal. 

This includes prescribing pain medications and applying cold packs over the side of the face where the treatment was done; however if you experience severe pain on the 3rd day following treatment, you need to notify your endodontist right away to check the site

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Do You Need to See an Endodontist in Coral Springs?

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