The overall appearance of your smile is important for your self-confidence. For many reasons, you may need a tooth extraction to prevent an infection or to correct tooth alignment. At Paramount Smile, we are dedicated to getting you a beautiful smile!  

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction involves the removal of a permanent tooth from its bone socket. Both teenagers and adults can get tooth extractions, as recommended by their doctor.

The main goal for extracting a tooth are to alleviate concerns that can affect your oral health such as:

  • Dental infections

  • Crowded teeth

  • Corrects misalignment

Types of Extractions

There are two main types of extractions that are used today:

Simple Extractions

  • Requires the use of a forceps tool

  • Extracts a visible tooth

Surgical Extractions

  • Requires surgical tools

  • Involves the removal of a tooth hidden beneath the gums

Do You Need Extractions in Coral Springs?

Our team wants you to love your smile. With a tooth extraction, you will be well on your way to great dental health. Contact us today to learn more!  

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