What You Need to Know About Gum Surgery

Poor oral hygiene will not only cause tooth decay and cavities, but it also predisposes you to gum disease. Unfortunately, if gum disease isn’t detected and treated immediately, it will advance quickly. Severe cases of gum disease may require Gum Surgery in Coral Springs. If your dentist recommends gum surgery, here’s what you need to know. 

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Important Facts About Gum Surgery

What is Gum Surgery?

Gum Surgery in Coral Springs or periodontal surgery is an ideal treatment for patients whose gums remain inflamed and swollen even after professional teeth cleaning. If gum disease is left untreated, it will destroy your gums, teeth, and jawbone

During surgery, a local anesthetic is injected into your gums. An incision is made to pull your gums away from your teeth. Once the tooth roots are exposed, your periodontist will remove the remaining plaque and tartar. The gums are reshaped and stitched back in place.

What Are The Different Types of Gum Surgery?

Gingival flap surgery is done on patients who are diagnosed with gum disease. In this procedure, the gums are pulled and separated from your teeth to allow deep cleaning. They are then stitched back into place. 

Gingivoplasty is another type of Gum Surgery in Coral Springs that aims to reshape healthy gums to make them more appealing. Gum graft involves taking tissues from the roof of your mouth and stitching them on either side of a tooth exposed due to gum recession

where is the best gum surgery coral springs?

Do You Need Gum Surgery in Coral Springs?

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