What is Periodontal Surgery?

What is Gum Surgery Coral Springs and why is it needed? Periodontal disease is often the main cause of why gum surgery is required. Periodontitis is a gum disease that affects the soft tissues in your mouth. If this is not treated it will not only damage your gums but it will also destroy your jawbone. When your gums are compromised they will not be able to hold your teeth securely and tooth loss is to be expected. Let’s find out what gum surgery is all about.

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What is Gum Surgery?

Why is Gum Surgery Needed?

The purpose of Gum Surgery Coral Springs is to prevent further tooth loss, reduce the gap between your teeth and gums called black triangles, and reshape your jaw to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and to stop the spread of infection – all these in just one surgery.

What Happens During Gum Surgery?

Generally, Gum Surgery Coral Springs takes approximately 2 hours. There are cases wherein the patient is required to stay asleep during the duration of the procedure or half-asleep especially if they are anxious and tensed. Nonetheless, there are also patients who only need a local anesthetic to be injected into the gums to make it numb. The injection can be uncomfortable yet tolerable.  

When the incision is done the gums will be slowly lifted away from your teeth. Doing so will allow your oral surgeon to see the roots clearly and remove traces of plaque, tartar, and infection. A deep cleaning will be done afterward your oral surgeon can reshape your gums or perform other procedures. As soon as everything is completed, your oral surgeon will return your gums and stitch it back. The stitches will be removed a week after gum surgery.

who offers gum surgery coral springs?

Do You Need Gum Surgery Coral Springs?

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