How Are Dental Crowns Placed?

Do you need a dental crown? A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap your dentist will place over your affected tooth. A dental crown in Coral Springs can make your tooth look better and stronger. Some of the reasons patients require a dental crown is when they have a cavity that’s too large for a filling and if they have a cracked, worn, and weak tooth. Some patients also request dental crowns to conceal severe tooth discoloration. Let’s find out how dental crowns are applied.

Where can I get a Dental Crown Coral Springs

How Are Dental Crowns Applied?

Tooth Preparation and Impression

It takes 2 dental appointments to complete a dental crown in Coral Springs placement. The first step is when your dentist prepares your tooth. Some portions of your tooth will be removed so the crown can fit perfectly. When some parts of your tooth are decayed, your dentist will remove them as well. After filing down your teeth, an impression will be made as a model for your permanent crown. It can be obtained through a mold or digitally.

Temporary and Permanent Crowns

The impression is sent to the lab. While you wait for your permanent dental crown in Coral Springs, you will be provided with a temporary crown. It usually takes around 2 weeks before the permanent crown is made. It’s normal to experience tooth sensitivity while you’re wearing your temporary crown. While waiting for your permanent crowns, avoid eating chewy and sticky foods. When your crown is ready, you will be asked to go back to the clinic. Your dentist will make some adjustments before the crown is cemented in place. 

Where can I get a Dental Crown Coral Springs

Do You Need A Dental Crown in Coral Springs?

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