How To Protect Your Tooth Enamel

Can you name the strongest substance in the human body? If you think it’s bone, you guessed wrong! According to our Coral Springs Dentist, tooth enamel is much stronger than bone. It’s the outer shell of your tooth that protects it against wear, tear, and erosion. Furthermore, it protects you from feeling extreme temperatures like ice cream or hot tea.

When your tooth enamel is compromised, you’ll be predisposed to tooth decay and cavities. So, how do you protect your enamel from erosion? Talk to Paramount Smile and check out the following healthy tips to protect your teeth. 

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How Do You Protect Your Enamel?

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Enamel Damage? 

During your visits to the dentist, they should inform you about the condition of your enamel. If they don’t, other signs that indicate enamel damage include:

  • Yellowing of your teeth
  • Uneven edges on your teeth (a sign that you’ve lost some enamel)
  • Dents that show when you chew or bite
  • Pain when you consume sweet, hot, and cold drinks.

The damage can be caused by eating too many candies and sweet treats, sour foods, dry mouth, acid reflux, bulimia, certain medications, incorrect brushing technique, or bruxism (teeth grinding). 

How Can You Protect Your Enamel?

The topmost way to protect your teeth is to stay consistent with dental hygiene, such as brushing and flossing every day. In addition, you should also see your Coral Springs dentist at least twice a year. Depending on your specific dental history, your dentist may recommend you go more often.

Alternatively, cutting down on acidic food and drinks like sodas and juices also help. Finishing your meal with a slice of cheese and a glass of milk will also help neutralize the acids. However, it’s important to know the proper way of brushing. Using bristles that are too stiff or pressing too hard with your hand, can actually brush away a layer of enamel.

In addition, dentists recommend you hydrate by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to prevent dry mouth. It’s also advised to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour after a meal before you start brushing your teeth because the acids from the food will cause your enamel to soften. 

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Do You Need To See A Coral Springs Dentist? 

If you want to keep your teeth and gums happy, keep that enamel strong! At Paramount Smile, it is our goal to make sure you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. We take pride in our team of dental health professionals and our ability to cater to your dental needs. Schedule an appointment with us by visiting our website or give us a call!