Implant Dentistry

Give your smile a second chance with dental implants! If you’ve experienced tooth loss and are looking for a long-term solution that gives you your appearance and oral function back, then coming to see our experienced dentist for smile restoration in Coral Springs is a great idea. If you’re looking to learn more, then keep reading.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an advanced method of replacing missing teeth. Invented in 1952, restorative dentistry has been transformed by the use of dental implant.

If you’ve experienced tooth loss, a dental implant can replace one or more teeth in a minimally invasive manner. The actual implant involves 3 small parts – a post (made of titanium or “metal-free” zirconia) that bonds with your jawbone to act as a tooth root, the abutment, and a crown to top it off. And, each implant is made custom for your smile, allowing for a natural look and feel.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have become one of the most coveted forms of smile restoration for several reasons. They include:

  • Restoring the smile’s appearance as naturally as possible

  • Restoring the smile's function with custom-shaped crowns

  • Preventing further damage, such as bone lose or teeth shifting

  • Osseointegration, meaning the post bonds with the jawbone, for a long-term solution

  • Dental implants do not decay or develop cavities

  • No preparation of surrounding teeth to accommodate the implant

  • Restoration of proper an oral health routine

  • Increase in confidence and self-esteem

How Paramount Smile Became the Best in ProvidingDental Implants in Coral Springs?

Good Success Rate


Our dental implants are of high quality and are carefully planned by expert practitioners. That’s why our implants have a high success rate. These implants preserve the jawbone by minimizing deterioration and help people smile with confidence again.


Easy to Eat & Chew Food


Our implants perfectly anchor in your jaw and substantially reduce bone resorption. These implants quickly settle in without causing you any discomfort, and they feel exactly like natural teeth. Consequently, you can eat any food easily, chew it better, and speak clearly.


Natural Look


Our dental implants are incredibly comfortable and designed to function, feel, and look exactly like the patient's natural teeth. Patients can eat, speak, smile, and go about their social life with confidence and without being conscious about how they look and talk. You will never have to worry about the implants looking awkward in your mouth.


We Use the Latest Technology 


We use the most advanced and sophisticated dental implants, machines, and tools. Our cutting-edge, ultra-modern CT Scanner is a powerful imaging system to diagnose dental issues accurately and successfully carry out dental implant surgeries. Digital Intraoral X-ray, implant planning and testing software tools, and surgical guides are a few more items available in our technology stack in Coral Springs.


Cheap & Affordable Pricing


The total cost for tooth replacement or stabilization with dentures is quite affordable as we have in-house facilities for providing restorative and surgical services. We do not refer our patients to other implant placement centers. It saves you time and money. Also, implants are done quickly at one convenient location in Coral Springs.


We Provide Insurance & Financing Options


We offer top-quality, affordable dental care because we care about your smile. We accept all insurance companies, and we also provide insurance options for your treatment. We also have financing options with zero down-payment and very low monthly payment options by cash, check debit, or credit cards. We run a variety of promotions and discounts.


We Do it for All Ages


We do not put an age-label on our cosmetic dental services, and we serve patients of all age groups. Our services range from personalized dental care for infants to pediatric dentistry for teenagers to dental implants and dentures for adult or older patients.Restoring your smile is our prime objective, regardless of your age.


Provide High-Quality Implants


Our accredited, high-quality practice sat Coral Springs and implants are the reason for our excellent and trustworthy services. The high standards of our treatment help us in restoring your natural smiles. We continuously improve and upgrade our services and tools to maintain high-quality and impeccable precision in delivering the best dental treatment to our patients.

Why DoYou Need Dental Implants?

Prevent Bone Loss


After a tooth loss, the jawbone deteriorates due to a lack of stimulation. If you fail to get an implant done within the first year of tooth loss, the jawbone loses 25% of its volume, and the process continues. Dentures can worsen the problem by rubbing against the bony ridge, wearing it away gradually. But with an implant, the tooth and its roots are replaced, providing the required bone stimulation essential for healthy jaws. 


Keep Other Teeth Stable


The leftover space after the tooth loss forces the adjacent teeth to move towards the gap crookedly. It affects all the teeth, your bite, appearance, and chewing ability. A poor bite can cause jaw pain, headache and may interfere with tooth replacement. So, dental implants save you from all these issues and keep your remaining teeth stable.


Loose Denture Fittings


If your dentures or partials are ill-fitting, they can wear away the jawbone causing regular and extreme discomfort. The best way to fix such a problem is by replacing your dentures or partials with a dental implant. You will never have to worry about your looks or feel self-conscious about your dentures looking awkward in public places.


To Get Good Facial Appearance


Wearing dentures can give you caved-in or sunken-in-ish appearance as you age. It happens because of the resulting bone loss because of the missing teeth. Dentures do not stimulate the bone as implants do, and the bone loss continues with your cheeks sinking in deeper with time. But you can look naturally good with dental implants without worrying about your appearance at all.


Prevents Gum Disease


The gaps left after a tooth-loss usually trap food and bacteria, causing gum diseases and painful jaws. Dental implants fill such gaps and save you from jaw pain and gum diseases and restore your natural smile.


Improves Taste


A full, upper denture set usually covers the upper-palate or the roof of the mouth. That hinders the taste buds in your mouth from enjoying the food you eat. But a dental implant helps you chew and taste your food better as it never covers the roof of your mouth. 


Prevents Premature Aging


Bone loss, after a tooth-loss, accelerates with time making your face look saggy. Consequently, the tip of the nose and the chin come closer to each other, causing thinning of lips, pointy chin, and excessive wrinkles across your face, especially around the mouth, making you look a lot older. But dental implants free you of such worries.


It Makes it Easier to Eat Food


Traditional dentures make eating and chewing a problematic experience as they slide or shift in your mouth. But dental implants work exactly the way your natural teeth do and allow you to relish your food without taking special care. Plus, your bite force is way better with implants.


Improve Confidence in Your Smile


There are high chances of embarrassment with removable dentures as they tend to rock or shift in the mouth. But with a dental implant, you can be completely assured that they will never move. It gives you the confidence to smile without being self-conscious. You can eat and chew as you do it with your natural teeth.


Improved Speech


Lose, or ill-fitting removable dentures create problems in speaking, making your voice sound garbled or gibberish.Slurring of words or mumbling is another possible thing that can happen with dentures. But all these problems do not occur with dental implants. You can speak as confidently as possible.


Get the best DentalImplants in Coral Springs now!

Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order to determine if you’re a candidate for dental implant placements, a thorough examination of your oral health is necessary. We’ll take a look to see where you’ve lost teeth, if your jawbone is strong enough to handle a dental implant, and so forth. This is all to ensure dental implants will be a successful restorative option for you. If it’s determined that you’re not currently a candidate for dental implants, you have options! In the case of bone loss, a bone graft can be performed. Additionally, any bacteria or area of concern can be treated with a personalized plan to prepare your mouth.

Dental Implant Placement

Now that you know what exactly a dental implant looks like, you may wonder what the actual procedure entails. Preparation is everything. Using state-of-the-art software, we scan your entire jaw to map your surgery.
From there, we are able to move forward. Same-day implants involve preparing the mouth, placing the post and the crown in a single appointment. Often times, a patient will opt to have the post placed, allowing it time to heal, and then come back for a follow-up to place the custom-made crown.

Are You in Need of Smile Restoration in Coral Springs?

Our staff here at Paramount Smiles is here to guide you through your dental journey. If you’re in need of smile restoration in Coral Springs, our experienced dentists can assist you with determining the best plan of action. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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