Initial Oral Exam

When you come into Paramount Smile for your fist appointment, our team of dentists and hygienists will conduct an initial oral exam to gauge the state of your oral health, compare notes with previous dentists, and develop a plan to move forward. This exam is usually only conducted for new patients or those who have not been to an appointment for an extended period of time.

The Initial Exam

This initial exam consists of checking several aspects of your dental health: We make sure that your enamel is still present on the teeth surfaces, we check for signs of gingivitis or other gum diseases, make sure there are no problematic wisdom teeth, and other prominent issues. Based on the results of this quick examination, we can make recommendations for hygiene or future restorative and preventative measures.

Our Exam Checks:

  • Enamel

  • Gum Health

  • Tooth Position

  • Cavity Sweep

  • Wisdom Teeth

  • Bite

  • Jaw Movement

Get Your Next Oral Exam at Paramount Smile

Our team of dedicated hygienists and friendly professional dentists are interested in preserving your oral health for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Just give our office a call if you have any questions or if you would like to set up an appointment.

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