Periodontal Surgery Coral Springs | What are the Different Types of Periodontal Surgery?

You’re probably familiar with other types of gum therapy that include scaling and root planing. While these procedures are ideal for treating mild to moderate cases of gum issues, patients with advanced gum disease require periodontal surgery Coral Springs. However, there are different types of periodontal surgery Coral Springs. Check them out:

Pocket Reduction

During a pocket reduction surgical procedure or the gingival flap surgery, the oral surgeon removes the disease-causing bacteria that accumulated in the pockets after he folds the gums back. Once the bacteria are removed, the patient’s gum tissue is secured against their teeth in order to keep it from growing back on its own.

Crown Lengthening

This procedure involves the removal of a gum tissue overgrowth from the patient’s teeth, thereby making them appear longer. Although this surgical procedure is mostly used for treating gum disease, it’s also performed to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth.


When the periodontist performs a regeneration procedure, he folds the patient’s gums back so that he could remove the bacteria. Next, he inserts the bone grafts, tissue-stimulating proteins or the membranes that will promote gum tissue regeneration. In some cases, a combination of these three components is also used. The desired result would be gum tissues that fit snugly around the patient’s teeth.

Soft Tissue Graft

The soft tissue graft procedure is performed to replace gum tissue that has been removed or has receded because of advanced gum disease. During the procedure, a sample tissue will be taken from any area in the patient’s mouth before attaching it to their gums in order to replace the missing gum tissue. While this type of periodontal surgery is used to treat gum disease, it’s also used for cosmetic purposes.

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Do You Need a Periodontal Surgery Coral Springs?

Your periodontist will determine your need for a periodontal surgery Coral Springs after conducting a thorough examination of your mouth. If you’re looking to receive the best periodontal care, contact Paramount Smile to schedule your consultation.