Root Canal Therapy Explained

If your tooth is badly infected, your dentist may recommend Root Canal in Coral Springs. Do you know that in America, over 40,000 root canal treatments are performed every day? Root canals are necessary to relieve patients from severe pain, lower their risk of complications, and to stop the spread of infection. 

It’s the ideal treatment for patients whose dental pulp has been infected. Your dental pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves. When this becomes infected, the pulp is removed, and the chamber within your tooth is cleaned, disinfected, and sealed to restore your tooth’s integrity and functionality. 

People are scared of this treatment because they don’t understand what it is. Here’s a brief explanation of root canal therapy and why it’s not as bad as you think it is. 

What Do You Know About Root Canal Therapy?

How is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

A Root Canal in Coral Springs requires more than a single visit to your endodontist. An endodontist is a dental health professional specializing in diagnosing and treating dental pulp diseases. 

Before starting the procedure, an X-ray of your mouth and the surrounding bone is necessary to check for other signs of infection. The administration of local anesthesia helps numb the site and makes you feel relaxed. 

A hole will be drilled in your tooth to make it easy for your endodontist to remove the decayed pulp and bacteria from your root canal. Once removed and scraped down, sodium hypochlorite or water is used for flushing the debris away. After the disinfection process, your tooth will then be sealed.

Why Does The Dental Pulp Need To Be Removed?

When your tooth’s pulp is decayed, and damaged bacteria will thrive inside the chamber, and this can lead to an infection or result in an abscessed tooth. Besides infection, a damaged pulp can also cause swelling in your face, neck, head, bone loss at the tip of your tooth root, and drainage problems extending from your tooth root

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Do You Need Root Canal in Coral Springs?

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