What To Do Before Periodontal Surgery

If you are scheduled for periodontal surgery in Coral Springs you should be prepared mentally, emotionally, financially, and more importantly, physically. Weeks before surgery, you are encouraged to ask questions. This is necessary so that you will stay calm and have peace of mind while you wait for the big day. How do you prepare for your upcoming surgery? Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for the operation.

Who does Periodontal Surgery Coral Springs?

What Must You Do Before Your Scheduled Periodontal Surgery?

Avoid Exercising A Day Before Surgery

While there is generally nothing wrong with exercising, since it’s good for your overall health, working out a day before your scheduled periodontal surgery in Coral Springs may not be a good idea because it will boost your metabolism and require you to take more meds. Dentists and doctors recommend that you avoid any form of exercise at least 24 hours before your surgery and 3 days after the operation. On the 4th day, you can exercise but do it slowly.

Disclose All Medications You Are Taking

Make sure you inform your periodontist of any medications you are taking especially if they were changed days before your surgery. Your periodontist has to know about all the drugs you are taking even if it’s just Advil or aspirin because these medications will have an effect on your body during your periodontal surgery in Coral Springs. If you are taking blood thinners, the more you’ll need to inform your periodontist about it to avoid bleeding complications during the surgery.

Who does Periodontal Surgery Coral Springs?

Are You Ready For Your Periodontal Surgery in Coral Springs?

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