What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

What is a Dental Crown Coral Springs and why do you need it? A dental crown otherwise known as a dental cap is a cap that is shaped and designed to resemble the look of a natural tooth. It is placed right over your defective tooth for the purpose of restoring its strength, size, and shape and basically to enhance its overall appearance. The crown will only cover the visible portion of your tooth, which sits atop the gumline. Here are a few known facts about dental crowns. 

What are Dental Crowns?

What are Dental Crowns For?

Dental Crown Coral Springs may be needed in order to protect a tooth that’s at the brink of breaking as a result of severe tooth decay. It can also be used to restore an already broken tooth. Sometimes your dentist will recommend a dental crown to keep a dental bridge in place, to cover an implant, to support a tooth with a filling and to simply enhance the look of your tooth. Children can also benefit from dental crowns especially if their teeth are at risk of tooth decay. 

How Should You Care for Your Dental Crowns?

A Dental Crown Coral Springs is built to last for a long time but it can get damaged if you don’t care for it right. In order to maximize its use, it is important that you steer clear from chewy and sticky foods like taffy and bubble gum as this can cause the dental crown to come off. As much as possible, avoid hard foods since this can also cause the crown to get dislodged. Furthermore, it’s vital that you continue with your oral care routine like brushing and flossing. It’s worth mentioning that when you floss; slide the floss rather than lifting it to avoid accidentally pulling the crown. 

who offers dental crown Coral Springs?

Do You Need a Dental Crown Coral Springs? 

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