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White Fillings

In Paramount Smile we believe in a holistic approach, hence we do not use metallic fillings, and we can remove any cavity or white filling using our dental laser. No more awful drilling sounds, preserving as much of the healthy tooth structure left on your tooth.


Revitalize your skin with our non-invasive laser treatment. Using advanced Fotona technology, SmoothLase™ diminishes fine lines and tightens skin for a more youthful appearance, without surgery or downtime. Experience rejuvenation with our tailored approach for radiant, firmer skin.


Our non-invasive treatment enhances lips using advanced laser technology. With gentle collagen stimulation, LipLase™ creates fuller, smoother lips and reduces fine lines without injections or downtime. Discover natural-looking results for a youthful, confident smile.


Our non-invasive laser treatment tackles snoring and sleep apnea using advanced Fotona technology. This painless procedure tightens oral mucosa tissue, reducing snoring severity without surgery or discomfort. Experience improved sleep quality with tailored sessions for enhanced well-being for you and your partner.

Root Canals

Once a cavity or a trauma severs the nerve of your tooth, this nerve should be removed, cleaned thoroughly and sealed with a special cement. In our office we are proud to offer a fast, effective and minimally invasive root canal therapy with Laser technology. This technology improves the irrigation and the disinfection efficacy, making the root canal visit a shorter and more pleasant one.

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